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I had an interview a while back at a fairly well known company in the KC metro area, all in all it went pretty well with a handful of what would have been my peers and the initial HR vetting… then came the person who would be my “boss”.

After the usual run of questioning, he made a comment about my resume being “too long” and the only reason he was talking to me was because I had experience in the financial sector. I just played it off and went on with my usual charming self… then came the moment for me to ask him questions. I went with the tried and true “What is it that keeps you at “… he responded with “The paycheck”.

It was at the moment I was out, not that I had the job or anything, but honestly when those words came out of his mouth the thought crossed my mind that there is no way in hell I would work for him, and if I did I would make it my purpose to take his job away from him.

Just silly isn’t it?

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